Corporate Project

The company/student projects represent opportunities for experimentation.

In fact, they enable students to put their dual speciality areas into practice by carrying through an entire project from the design phase to the implementation phase, integrating technological, entrepreneurial, innovative and marketing dimensions.

The participation of companies in these kinds of activities enables students to comprehend corporate constraints and operating methods

  • The Technical and Marketing Product Analysis project

This consists of a functional and marketing analysis of an everyday product or service, followed by a proposal to innovate an aspect of that product or service. The objects are selected by the teaching staff based on their technical interest, and have included fryers, remote-controlled cars and baby bottle warmers in the past.

  • Design an innovative product or service

The students are confronted with a concrete company problem. All of the subjects correspond to genuine company needs, and the goal is to design a product or a service: design a safety gate, organise a distribution warehouse, …
In the first two years of the program, the project activity is considered to be unsupervised, but supported. The students therefore have one half-day per week to devote to this activity.

  • The transition to the 8-month professional internship

In the third year of the programme, the organisation of this activity is markedly different. The project activity is divided into two.

    • The first takes place over the entire year and consists of drafting a business plan for a project champion currently in one of the business incubators of the Géni network (the business incubation platform created by five Grandes Ecoles in Northern France) or for a company.
    • The second takes place in a seminar over several, consecutive weeks and is characterised by IT and marketing. The objective is to respond to an invitation to tender (akin to the implementation of an E-commerce site to launch a new activity) by integrating scientific and technical components as well as marketing, communication and financing aspects.

Do you wish to suggest a subject of a project? Contact us and write “Suggestion for a project subject” as the subject for the message.

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