Research, as we know, is not everyone's cup of tea. So it is quite obvious that given the difficulties that students and researchers face, coupled with the fact that the purview of research is truly broad, one indeed requires help from time to time. Though the help required varies greatly from person to person, we, at Regent Research Writing always have provisions ready at our end to bail researchers out of peril. It does not matter whether you are from Middle East, Russia, South Asia or Africa, your thesis will be understood in your preferred language and converted to English for publication. 470 success stories in research work assistance support our claim and grant credibility.

The following jobs are undertaken by us:

Choice of thesis topics
Thesis report writing help
Thesis research methodology
Data collection for research work
Data analysis through statistical tools
Research papers
Journal article
Assignment writing
Presentations for Thesis/Dissertation

All the above services are provided on comprehensive or custom basis. Our team has members from varied parts of the world, and hence brings to the table the requisite expertise to complete your work. With focus on extensive research through collection of secondary data from journals and articles and genuine data collection for primary research, our expertise will not let you down. We take pride in supporting scholars for completing research. At no point in time, we provide ready to use material.

At Research Gateway, our focus is not only on your work completion. We make all possible efforts to help you explain the work, which sets us apart from others. Our writers get personally involved in your work and ensure that you are thorough with your work and hence confident in front of your supervisor. With Assignments, Dissertations, Thesis, Research papers, the most important aspect often overlooked by researchers, is their ability to understand the work they have completed. On request, we can create special online sessions to explain the work done. This makes the client understand the rationale of solution proposed.

We have been covering new subjects in research including Law, Architecture, Bio statistics, and Project management in software, Aviation and political science. Our work policy ensures that we undertake the work only when the bandwidth is available to complete the same.

We help in the following stages of Research Assistance:

Approaches to Research: Includes PAPA model of research, stages of research and examples.
Ethics in Research: Explanation of code of ethics, various permissions to conduct research and confidentiality.
Research proposal and Literature review: Research aims and objectives, Research proposal, review of existing literature, and developing the research gap
Research Methods: Setting up the hypothesis, Positivism and Post-Positivism, triangulation and quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Data Collection: Sampling types, case study method, interview, secondary and primary data collection.
Validity and reliability
Developing Questionnaire and interviews.
Qualitative data analysis: Content analysis, Meta Analysis, SPSS Help, Coding and use of Nvivo for results.
Quantitative data analysis: Conducting statistical tests, writing the interpretation reports and use of software’s like E Views, Stata, R, SAS.
Editing and report up gradation.
Formatting and citation compliance.
Plagiarism removal.

Whether you are starting a research, or stuck mid-way, our comprehensive range of services can salvage you from any situation. We will be there till the completion of your research and ensure that it turns out as an original, authoritative and impressive document. So book our Research Help services or simply send an enquiry and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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